Amy Stewart

UI Designer / Ex-Fisherwoman

Portland, Oregon

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Jive Cloud Tools

I've been a designer at Jive Software since late 2007, so the bulk of the work I've done recently is Jive related.

In this case, the project team spent time evaluating the expectations that customers have when using our cloud management tool.

Using that knowledge, I created a clickable (albeit incomplete) prototype to facilitate the most common tasks: updating the site, and viewing reports.

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Key facts:

  • Grew up in a small town in Alaska.
  • First job was on a fishing boat out in the Aleutian Islands.
  • Started design career in Portland when Netscape was still a browser.
  • Still enjoy designing stuff. Technology is fascinating!
  • Love the Pacific Northwest, may never leave. (Except maybe for New Zealand, which is basically a warm Alaska with sheep.)