Stoa formed in 1991 and consisted then of musician Olaf Parusel and vocalist Conny Levrow. Both have extensive classical training, which is quite effectively reflected in their music.

Conny is an accomplished violinist, but her involvement with Stoa is mostly vocal in nature. Olaf provides the accompaniment and composes the pieces they perform.

The first piece published by this German duo was the self titled "Stoa" on the Hyperium compilation "Hy! - From Hypnotic to Hypersonic". Shortly thereafter, they released their first full length album "Urthona". In 1994, their second album "Porta VIII" came out. Both were received well critically and did relatively well in several new-age charts.

Stoa has never toured, per se, but they are occasionally known to play a concert or two sporadically. They performed alongside labelmates Chandeen in 1996.

As of 1997, Conny Levrow left the band to pursue other musical challenges. A new vocalist, Antje Buchheiser, is now the voice of Stoa. She too has extensive orchestral training: a violinist for 11 years, as well as being a choral performer for the Hallenser Madrigalisten.

As a personal side note, I can't wait to hear what's brewing with this new lineup. It sounds like there have a perfect match in Antje, hopefully we will have a new album out soon to find out! Incidently, there is a new Stoa sound clip to download, available on the official site, you can download directly it by clicking here for mp3, and here for a realaudio version.