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unfortunately, wormfood's streaming real audio server is not functional at present (my boo, as usual). in it's stead i have provided sound bytes in 128kbps, 44mHz mp3 format.

you all know the drill. for best results download the file, and then use an MP3-capable player such as WinAmp to listen to the track. in netscape, if you're having problems, (sometimes browsers try to use their own decoders that display oodles and oodles of crap on your screen) try right clicking on the listen link, and then save link as. I know some of you will question the legality of me posting these, and you're right, it's a bad bad thing. Unfortunately, the albums are out of print and hard to find right now, so until Stoa releases another new album, it will be increasingly difficult to get your hands on one to see whether or not you like the music. Hopefully, the same people that like these files will also buy the albums, as that is my intention.

 = Sound file available.

Full Length Releases:
(titles and lyrics taken from Stoa's official website)

Urthona - 1993
  1. Candide
  2. Autumn
  3. Infant Joy
  4. Spin
  5. In Memoriam
  6. Stoa 
  7. Captivity
  8. Dust
  9. [N]ever
  10. Taumel
  11. Hommage
Porta VIII - 1994
  1. Introitus
  2. Partus 
  3. Urthona
  4. Luvah
  5. Tharmas
  6. Urizen
  7. Scrupus
  8. Mors
  9. Conclusio


Of These Reminders - disc 1
  • I wish you could smile 
  • Heavenly Voices I - 1994
  • Infant Joy
  • Hy! From Hypnotic - 1992
  • Stoa
  • Heavenly Voices III - 1992   
  • Partus

    Heavenly Voices IV   
  • My Inner Labyrinth

    Change (Asia only release)   
  • Infant Joy

    Audio Nr.5 (Greece)   
  • Luvah

    Musica Celestia (Brazil)   
  • Partus

    Moonraker II   
  • Tharmas

    Zauber Of Music (magic of music)   
  • Autumn