I suppose I don't really have much business making a site like this one. I can't say that I know a lot about the band, or have every single release they've ever done. Their music however, is definitely worthy of at least some praise. It's something listenable in this world of crap-ass goth music that is so prevalent. I don't think I would even classify them as being a "goth band" per se, since they're goth in the way that Dead Can Dance is goth, which is, "gothy" people tend to listen to them. Not to mention they are (were) signed to a label that distributed mostly darkwave style music like Attrition and Die Form. They're a dynamic, intelligent (i assume) group that makes lovely music for my poor starving ears.

The site is a pretty basic fan site, with a news section, a discography, various related links, and a small bio page.

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