Apparently, Stoa has split with it's label, Hyperium, and will be moving on to greener pastures.

I suppose that we can only hope that they will put another album out soon on a different label. Projekt seems the most likely choice. Perhaps even the Seattle based Ivy Records (who signed Faith and Disease; another fave) or the Swedish label Cold Meat Industry might suit them well. Probably won't be 4ad since they're tending to sign pseudo-electronica acts now. What the hell do I know?

As long as it isn't Cleopatra...

January 31, 1999 Site news: Sound clips have been added! Check them out in the discography section. The bio section is also now up, limited as it is.

call for help: I'm on the lookout for images of the band members. If you have any, or know where I can find some, please inform me. Thanks!

**** March 12, 1999 - I just discovered that Stoa has erected a brand new site! Go there, it rules. Plus, they linked to me, yay! Go there, it rules. Plus, they linked to me, yay!

**** January, 2000 - From the site --- "It looks like every one of Projekt's bands will have a release in 2000. New signee Mira (who made quite a splash with their track "Cayman" on last years A cat-shaped hole in my heart will have their debut on April 4th. Prior to that, Mira have a track on the March 14th release, Seireenia, a compilation of ethereal bands with female vocalists. It will include the first track in three years from Germany's Stoa, as well as new material from black tape for a blue girl, Faith and Disease, Amber Asylum and many more"